The AGA Rangemaster group are proud to be a leading provider of kitchen appliances and, as part of the Middleby Corporation, we have access to the latest technology in the food and kitchen industry. This helps us to develop modern, thoughtful and innovative appliances. See some of our newest innovations below: 

The control panel of the AGA eR7 cooker
AGA Touch Screen Control

The new electric AGA eR7 series models feature a capacitance touch-screen which allows you to control the cast-iron ovens at the touch of a button.

The roasting oven has five pre-set cooking settings, R9, R8, R7, R6 and B4, which provide the flexibility to vary the oven temperature from very hot to moderate. The oven therefore can operate as a second baking oven. The R9 setting is ideal for fast grilling.

The baking oven has four pre-set cooking settings, which are B4, B3, B2 and B1. These vary the temperature of the oven from moderate to cool. This oven may also be used as a second simmering oven. 

Nexus Steam
Rangemaster Steam Oven

The new NEXUS Steam range cooker from Rangemaster features a dedicated steam cavity, a first for the range cooking market. The freestanding design gives you the chance to combine convenience with healthy cooking, retaining nutrients, vitamins and flavour thanks to the innovative injection steam cavity.

Steam is highly sought after in today’s modern, multifunction kitchens and with the new NEXUS Steam, users will also have the benefit of oven roasting, batch baking and rapid cooking in one appliance. It can also grill, griddle, boil and simmer and it even comes with a dedicated proving drawer for dough. 

Fajitas cooking on the AGA induction hob
AGA Induction Hob

Induction cooking is safe, fast and efficient and it is quickly becoming one of the most popular ways to cook.

Many cast-iron and conventional AGA range cookers now feature an optional state-of-the-art induction hob for optimal cooking flexibility.

The state-of-the-art induction hob available on AGA cookers offers a host of innovative features, which help to create a precise and highly controllable experience, ideal for those who love to cook. 

In addition, induction hobs are easy to clean and maintain with easy-wipe surfaces to remove any spills with minimum effort. 

Innovative V-Seal on the AGA and Rangemaster 4-Door Deluxe Refrigerator
AGA and Rangemaster V-Seal Function

The Vseal™ function is a vacuum-seal feature which ensures food will last much longer in the fridge or freezer and is perfectly prepared for sous-vide cooking.

The innovative Vseal™ function is available on selected AGA and Rangemaster refrigerators.